Reality Of Protecting Yourself Or Others In A Fight

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If you see someone is attacked and beaten up, you try to help him. You want to save and protect the victim if you can. When you get into a situation to save someone, you have to protect yourself and then protect the victim.

Safety for yourself always comes first. If you cannot defend yourself and get injured, you may not protect the victim. That's the sad reality. MMA coach was beaten up and left unconscious when he stepped in to defend the victim. You can watch this news on YouTube.

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You feel the urge to defend the victim when you see someone is attacked in front of you. Love and pray for BJJ instructor and MMA coach who risked his life to protect the victim. Sorry to hear what just happened.

When you fight in a controlled environment, you can do better. Of course, you have to be good at fighting to do better in a fight even if it is a controlled environment. The thing is, if you go and fight outside, that is not a controlled environment.

You are good at fighting with one opponent at a time. How about when you are surrounded by multiple attackers? You do not face this in a fighting competition or a control environment because everything goes in a controlled environment by rules.

No rules in a fight for self-defense. When you are attacked from different angles and you are surrounded by the attackers, that is a difficult situation to handle. Moreover, the attackers can have weapons and that can change the whole game.

If you go to defend the victim, it is better not to get in the middle and move the attackers from the side. Again you have to assess the risk and should not underestimate the attackers.

It makes the world of difference when you fight for a trophy and fight to protect yourself or others.

Hope MMA coach will get well soon. Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to leave your comments. Stay safe. Always be happy!


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I pray your coach to recover soon. I love this one. It reminds me of how i went in to rescue my brother

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Hope he will get well soon.