The Most Effective Technique To Release Your Hand

When someone forces you to do something, he usually grabs you. If the attacker grabs your hand, you can apply different techniques to get rid of that and release your hands. To release your hand, you can directly strike the attacker because when the attacker grabs one hand, your other hand and legs are free.

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You can punch, kick or hit the attacker to get rid of his grip. You can also release your hand first before attacking the attacker. Today I'm going to share my opinion about a specific technique to release your hand. You can watch this video to see the specific technique that we are going to talk about.

There is a thumb on one side and there are four fingers on the other side when someone grabs your hand. So which way would you like to move your hand? In this video, you see the hand moves against four fingers.

So can you do that?

Yes, you can. You see before releasing the hand, the instructor slides his other hand over the attacker's hand and grabs his own hand so that you can generate more power. Then he moves his hand and gets rid of the attacker's grip.

You can use any technique based on what you want to do. If you intend to grab and lock the attacker's hand, you can move your hand against his four fingers. But if you just want to release your hand, it is better to move your hand against one finger - that is, thumb.

You can move your hand in a circle towards the attacker's thumb. You can easily release your hand. One full force goes against the thumb, not the attacker's four fingers, so it would be easier to release your hand.

I think here the most effective technique depends on your intention. What you want to do, that is important. And you make your move based on that. You can grab and lock the attacker's hand or you can simply release your hand first before going for the counter-attack.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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