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RE: My Actifit Report Card: May 29 2020

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I love your music room!!! I have a room on the second floor by the family room where I have my piano, an electric keyboard similar to yours, two guitars, a violin, two ukelele, maracas and a tambourine. I know how to play a little of each of those instruments, but not really good at any.
Thanks for sharing your day, my friend @silvertop, and take care 🥰🌺🤙


You sound very gifted @silversaver888! There is something so very special about music, it connects you to others in ways I can't put into words.....
So good to hear that you play my friend, have a wonderful evening!😍😍😀

Nah... I am very ordinary. But, I should write about all these instruments that I know very little how to play, do not play much and not good at, hehehe.
It is Sunday again and the start of a new week!!!! Gosh, that means we are all older by another week! 😀

Yes you should post about these instruments, I would look forward seeing the different instruments @silversaver888😀
Hope your Sunday is going well , they are talking about drive-in church up here we shall see .....Not sure if it is really safe yet or not?
We just did another Sunday live worship on Facebook it seemed to go well.....
Have a wonderful evening my friend !!😍😍😀