Skatehive Interview #1 featuring Dikayskate

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What's up Skatehive Fam?

This is our first-ever Skatehive Community member interview and we decided to kick things off with @dikayskate, one of our youngest community members.

@Dikayskate is only 16 yet he is able to support himself financially when it comes to buying skateboarding gear just by doing what he loves and that's skateboarding.

Here is what our young homie @dikayskate has to say about Skatehive Skateboarding Community

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Q1 - Name, Age, Country, Years of Skating

My name is Dimitris Kakavas (aka DiKay), I am 16 years old and I am from Greece. I am skating the last 2,5 years.

Q2 - How did you learn about Skatehive?

I learned about Skatehive from my friend @knowhow92 and I was curious to find out what's the deal with Hive platform and Skatehive.

Q3 - Why did you join Skatehive?

I joined Skatehive because I wanted to find a platform where I can upload my skate clips and also because on Skatehive I experiment with the things I love(skate and editing).

Q4 - What do you like more about Skatehive and why?

The thing that I like about Skatehive community is that everyone is friendly and positive and will welcome you to the community as if you are a part of their family. That was something that really surprised me from the beginning.

Q5 - How much time do you spend on Skatehive on a Daily Basis?

I spend 30 minutes to 2 hours a day, depending on my free time

5050 flip out

50-50 Kickflip out

Q6 - How much money did you make since you joined Skatehive?

I have already withdrawed 100$ so I can buy skate gear and right now I have 200$ more in my online wallet. Making money from skateboarding is really awesome for me cause I can continue skating and cover my skate expenses at the age of 16

Q7 - How has Skatehive affected your Skateboarding Progress?

Skatehive has affected my progress positively. Because of Skatehive, I always set new goals for new tricks and new techniques and I know that all other skaters in Skatehive community are really happy when I manage to succeed my goals, as I am for them.

Q8 - Do you think Skatehive is something that the global skateboarding community was missing?

In my opinion, the global skateboarding community needs Skatehive because, as I said before, Skatehive is a family consisted of skaters from all around the globe who fight to do the thing they love. We are the perfect example of hard work and unity and that is how the global skateboarding community should be. United

Q9 - Any tips about newcomers?

Do the thing you love regardless if your performance is good or bad. Be consistent, engage with the Skatehive community and eventually you'll make new friends who will support your content


Double One-Foot Manual with style

This concludes our first Skatehive Interview

Keep shredding for 100 years @dikayskate and thanks a ton for being the first guest of our this series.

The goal of this series is to get to know each Skatehiver a bit better while at the same time we show people outside of Skatehive how skaters from all over the world, each one with their own background, have fun together and earn crypto (money) for participating in our skateboarding community.

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hell this project if I loved it, incredible interview brother, dika is a great skater who progresses quickly, this year we will achieve incredible things.

Awesome stuff bro! I am so happy you are a part of our community! We difinitely need people like you hanging around on Skatehive!

Cheers and #SKATEFORLIFE @dikayskate

Thank you bro!
I would not have gotten here without you!

This is great! Followed his account!

Thanks a lot for supporting our community all this time @ashtv! You rock!

My pleasure, I love seeing the skate community showing the world what they can do and supporting each other.

hell yeah, good way to present skaters and the community itself!
You rock, guys

Haha this is awesome. Thank you!

Let's go skateboarding on the moon!!!