Morning Run - Windy city

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I just finished a 6.936km running that lasted about 0hh:39mm:44ss !


Yesterday was really windy and it rained harder than it has in ages. This morning was still a bit windy, but not too cold. I did another lap of Fairfield with that long trudge up the hill. It did not feel too bad today although my legs were feeling a bit second hand.

I did the clockwise loop again and managed my second best time for the segment. I was only 2s slower than my best, but was not giving it everything I had. I will have to try to set a faster time to beat.

There was lots of tree debris about with a few small branches down. Various things have been blowing around our garden and it is raining again now.

The short sections on grass were not too muddy today despite the rain. I expect it just ran off as the ground would be hard. It was quiet out there. Maybe people have taken time off with the bank holiday weekend.

We may still get our pool up this month as it slowly warms up. I know Dave next door is keen to get in.

Run free and stay well.
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Nice job on your run. That sounds about like how we get over here after a big storm with all of the debris. They have been having some massive storms run through the south lately. My body was really aching this weekend, but I am kind of finding that as long as I am exercising each day it doesn't hurt as much. I feel like maybe my muscles can't handle being relaxed on the weekend!

It's not been a terrible storm, but enough to do some damage to fences and the odd roof tile.

I'm trying to figure out my own body's recovery so that I can keep running.


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2 seconds slower than your best.. In the wind and around debris even!! That was a good run. Now.. Take it easy for the rest of the week so you can get that pool up and Dave is satisfied. hehe. 😆

The wind was not too bad on that part, but it is very up and down. It's like climbing several floors in a tall building. We've had good use of the pool in previous years. Hoping for a good summer.


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