Carry out activities with passion.

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Carry out activities with passion.

Peace regards.
Tuesday 10/2/2021 was a very tiring day for me to carry out activities, a day full of long journeys about my life from morning to evening.

Starting from getting up in the morning, cleaning myself and having breakfast until leaving for work as usual, I went through these activities until late in the afternoon. Furthermore, exercising until evening accompanies my togetherness with my family.

Beautiful morning, sunny weather and fresh air greeted my first activity on Tuesday, 10/02/2021, starting from waking up and then cleaning and wearing clothes. After this activity I immediately enjoyed breakfast with my beloved family, this breakfast menu is quite different as usual. Several portions of food were served at the dining table to be enjoyed together, a menu of burgers, pizzas and lupis started our togetherness as a family that day.


After breakfast, the next activity I do is take the children to their school and my wife to the office to work. After dropping them off, I headed straight to work and started my usual Barista activities. The journey that took me 30 minutes from where I lived, when I arrived at work, I immediately washed my face, washed my hands and changed clothes.




After finishing, I just started serving as a Barista at The Coffee Beans Shop which is located in the city of Bireuen, Aceh Province - Indonesia. As a barista, of course, has the task of preparing and providing various types of drinks for customers who order, the first order that comes to my place via the waiter is espresso coffee drinks, after that other drink orders come and go through the waiter.

Being a barista requires having high enthusiasm, love of mixing various types of drinks, knowing how to mix various types of drinks and having extraordinary stamina. The ticking of the clock continued to go along with my work activities at that time, as time went on, the work I was doing was finished until evening came.




When the work was finished, I immediately returned home to carry out the next activity. When I got home I immediately took a break and cleaned up and put on sports clothes to start my afternoon activities. The sport I do is cycling with friends (Gowes).

Together with my favorite bicycle, I immediately went to the gathering place to start the activity. Arriving at the designated place, I gathered with my friends and briefed us for a moment to determine the route we were going to take. After the briefing was over, we finally chose the route to the top of the mountain in my area, the distance we traveled was quite long and it took one hour to get to the top.





Starting from a prayer together, we immediately rowed our bicycles little by little, leaving the gathering place, we passed several villages that had extraordinary natural beauty, the vast expanse of rice fields spoiled our eyes during the trip. Passing several villages, we stopped for a moment to rest for ten minutes under a shady tree covered in cool air.

After resting for a while, we continued our journey to the agreed place, the hiking track and the descending road became the food route for this afternoon. It took extra energy to row a bicycle to reach the top of the hill, with enthusiasm accompanied by beautiful mountain views, cool air and sunny weather, finally we arrived at our destination. The journey to the top is of course not easy, every now and then we have to push the bike on the climbing track, it's because we are no longer able to row a bicycle.




Lessons to help each other, maintain cohesiveness and teamwork are needed to get to the top. Arriving at the top, we took a short break while enjoying the beautiful scenery. After resting and gathering together for a few minutes, we went straight back to the gathering place. After arriving at the gathering place, we took a short break and immediately returned to our respective homes.

When I got home, I immediately cleaned myself up and took a short break. The nighttime activities I do at home are just hanging out with my family, watching television and taking a break to start the next day's activities.

Peace regards.