My activity on Thursday, 14/1/2021. Starting from morning exercise to work and enjoy dinner.

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My activity on Thursday, 14/1/2021. Starting from morning exercise to work and enjoy dinner.

Light rain started my activities on Thursday, 14/1/2021, light rain that fell on the earth happened for about 30 minutes and then subsided. The first activity I did was to clean myself by showering with soap, brushing my teeth and wearing sports clothes.


The sports activities that I do in the morning are morning exercise with my neighbors, the exercise is followed by children, adolescents, adults and parents. The morning exercise with a cloudy and cold atmosphere lasts for 45 minutes. This sport is certainly very good for body health.


After exercising in the morning gymnastics, I immediately returned to clean myself and prepare for my needs to go to work, the trip to work takes a few minutes. Before leaving for work, I enjoyed the breakfast that was prepared by my beloved wife, this breakfast menu is very different from usual. The menu of wonton noodles is my breakfast, the noodles were bought by a wife at a nearby restaurant.


I go to work using motorbike land transportation. With enthusiasm, I headed straight to work to start the next activity.





When I arrived at work, I immediately washed my face and hands to stay healthy. I go through my activities as a Barista with love and enthusiasm, one by one my customers prepare drink orders, today many customers order espresso coffee drinks which are one of the best coffees in the world, with selected types of Arabica coffee beans, I immediately mix them and serve them. the coffee. My job as a Barista, I passed it until recess came.




During the break I immediately clean myself, fulfill my obligations to pray and eat lunch. After lunch I immediately took a short break while enjoying a cup of coffee. After the break, I returned to continue my activities as a Barista until work time was over. After work, I immediately returned home to rest.




At night, I invite my family and children to have dinner at one of the coffee shops & restaurants in the city where I live, enjoying dinner with my family is very different that night, usually we enjoy dinner at home, however this time i take my family for a very special dinner. After dinner we toured the city to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the city of Bireuen at night. After this activity, my family and I went straight home to rest.