Notre Dame Pulls off Upset over No. 1 Clemson

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No. 4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish pulled off a huge upset on Saturday , beating No 1 Clemson in 2OT. This represents Clemson's first regular season loss since 2017 and brings the longest winning streak so far in college football to an end. The final score was 47-40.

The Irish were leading up until the 3:33 mark of the 4th quarter. They dominated most of the game, taking a 10-0 lead early on thanks to RB Kyren Williams. By halftime, the score was 23-13 Nortre Dame, but Clemson was able to adjust and managed to come back, taking a 33-26 lead with just over 3 minutes left on the clock.

However, the Clemson Tigers were nice enough to hand the Irish a quick 3-and-out that allowed QB Ian Book enough time to orchestrate a massive clutch drive, with a 53-yard completion to receiver Avery Davis and a 4-yard pass back to him for the TD.

By 2OT, Nortre Dame managed to take back control of the game thanks to sacks by Adetokunbo Ogunde and Daelin Heyes that forced Clemson into fourth-down desperation.

Saturday`s game was the first win for the Fighting Irish against a No. 1 ranked team since 1993, when an undefeated Nortre Dame ranked no. 2 took on an undefeated Florida State team in a true college football classic.