Few Fun Odds for Today, Aug. 4th…

in Sports Betting4 months ago

If you have finally stopped watching stupid TV news, there is no better fun in hot these Summer days than BetScorum…

Just don’t look into the TV screen. You already know what you can expect there. Face mask religion and overblown fear campaign…

Pretend predator49nvap.jpg

Forget it. You can simply choose something to bet almost for free…


…or you can watch SCR going up&down all day long. You can’t get sun burns as you would on the beach, you can’t break a leg winter sporting in the mountains, you can’t get a rash visiting a political meeting or a teargas shot after it…

And at the top of it, you have a phenomenal Scorum Loyalty program for betting bloggers for July extended into August, probably because there’s nobody at the wheel again. Who needs a holiday anyway?

Kids, do you like a fast ride?

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