SOS Scam alert Do not fall for this TRX tron scam

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Do not fall for this TRX Airdrop scam !!!

airdrops are almost always welcome

If you are in crypto then you must be aware of the the idea of a crypto airdrop.

Either you sign up for an airdrop or based on the crypto you hold you are airdropped some tokens or coins.

The latter is a convenient way of getting an airdrop. It is passive and easy money you may say.

However it has also become the modus operandi for a con or a scam.

Ever wondered how a harmless passive crypto airdrop can harm you?

As at the end of the day an airdrop is some passive money sitting in your wallet.

Let us check the way the scam works

If you have some TRX tron then you are the likely target of one such scam
So let us start by checking your wallet address using a site like
Enter your wallet address and if you have some substantial balance of trx then you are likely to see some additional tokens like

Uniswap and the list goes on


Try to spot large number of coins or tokens airdropped or the value of airdrop being a few hundred or more USD.

If you are wondering what is wrong with these airdrops then let us take instswap

click on the token link and it takes you to the token page
Its website link is

  • A Project which airdrops you with 700 tokens worth hundreds of USD with a single page landing page site.(Looks fishy)
  • No project details and no team no whitepaper (Looks fishy)
  • No social media links
    If you were to open the site (Please do not trust such sites as they can have scripts running in the background)

The homepage is a trap


The homepage shows the value of inst token as 34.67 TRX
So if you have received 700 tokens the value would be 700 X 34.67= 24269TRX
Now at $0.02824 per trx this works to about $685.35656 of free money.
If you are happy and want to convert it to TRX BTC or any other crypto then you are likely to click the Swap INST token
or Clain Free INST token

Beware both these buttons are a trap

The moment you click on these buttons, the page would attempt to connect to your trx wallet and if successful would ask you to sign a message using your wallet.
In this process it would transfer TRX from your wallet and you would be duped.

Beware of such scams

Here I have named a few tokens however these are only a few names every day the scammers dump the old sites and start new ones as it is easy to create and bulk send zero value tokens on this blockchain and scammers are using this trick

Do a search for the token

Before you hit the swap or Claim button DYOR by searching for the token name .
Chances are someone may have raised a red flag.

Please share this post to spread the word

Also information is the only shield we can use to guard and protect our crypto

Please take action

Crypto is serious money and not play money.
Guys this is serious. Please spread the word. Share this post so that we can protect people from such scams.


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Thanks for taking time to expose such scheme I've received multiple airdrop token on my wallet which are not registered on coinmarket but will be directed to make swap on some websites where you can easily loss your asset in your wallet.

Stay vigilant and watch out. Don't make swap on website you don't trust.

I write with the intent to maximize the earning opportunities for our crypto community, share knowledge and protect them from scams. Glad my post could offer value to you.

Hi @thetimetravelerz
These platforms could lend themselves to many things, I particularly get written to by Discord many times, with offers to earn BTC and stuff. But without thinking about it, I block them at once.
This is a good wake up call. Thanks for the mention.

True my friend they offer opportunities as well as challenges.
So we need to be extra careful and lookout for these possible traps

I hope this publication can reach many people, there are definitely always people who are responsible for hunting boobies. That is to say, that is why before doing any type of operations in somewhat strange places we should never give up our keys.

@tipu curate 3

Thanks for alerting me and for putting this up. Cheers!

We need to protect out assets and be aware of the pitfalls of the crypto world

Thanks friend for the alert.

I write with the intent to maximize the earning opportunities for our crypto community, share knowledge and protect them from scams. Glad my post could offer value to you.
Hope you, your family and crypto stay safe

Indeed, stay safe out there folks. Scammers always be scamming!

scammers are always on the lookout to scam with new tricks we need to be vigilant and be ahead of them

Thanks for letting us know about this scam.Before joining new project we should research about it properly and also the owner's background.

I am glad I could bring this to your notice stay safe and protect your crypto and spread the word

Good advice. Always research any type of project or offer.

Stay safe & keep crypto safe
So many times opportunities can be traps

Hello dear friend, I am grateful for the valuable information you share with us, because sometimes we could fall for innocent in this type of scams, which currently has become very common.

See you later, may your week end well !

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post
#staysafe and protect your #crypto assets


Hello @thetimetravelerz
Thank you for this information, it is very important to be alert to the possibility of scams.
Best regards.
Note: reblogged

Thanks for your support & reblog @janettyanez

Thank you for this valuable information. I wonder how scammers are finding new ways of scamming.

Indeed they seem to be people who are investing their intelligence in the wrong places
#staysafe #protectyourcrypto

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I checked your link seems I was not aware of this
Would surely try this out

Hello friend @thetimetravelerz. Thanks for sharing this important information, the world of cryptocurrencies is very attractive for its rewards, but it is essential that before joining a project we must investigate about it, and not get carried away by the excitement of free money, especially when they offer large sums, which already makes it suspicious, however many fall into the trap.

Indeed my friend @emiliomoron the world of cryptocurrencies offers so many opportunities that we must grab with both hands yet we must be aware and mindful of the pitfalls
Thanks for reading my post and your support
#staysafe #protectyourcrypto

Greetings @thetimetravelerz

Thanks for your very timely article, I pay little attention to this type of calls to register to receive airdrops, precisely because, I had already heard that this type of situations are the modus operandi used by fraudsters by trade on the blockchain. Best regards, be well.

Thanks @lupafilotaxia for reading my post and for your support.
From your profile I see your field of study has been botany and now you are exploring crypto
Botany was one of my favorite subjects too. Welcome to the world of crypto I look forward to sharing more posts with you so that you and the community members can make some extra money without taking any risks or making investments.
Thanks for stopping by.

Thank you for the warning. 😱

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