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CyberConnect2, a developer who has mostly divided her career into anime franchises or others with similar aesthetics, took a new step forward in her particular way of working through Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. This new installment in the long-lived Akira Toriyama franchise came not with the intention of being one more work, but to squeeze even the smallest detail of what is conceived as the most successful saga of manga and anime. So, today we deal with the big question: ¿have they achieved their goal?

A faithful title and, at times, at the height of the original product

The main point of differentiation with which Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot approached the videogames of the franchise was the following: treat the drama and epicity of its history as no other work had done before. In this regard, the title has left us with feelings found on some occasions, although mostly during its beginning. Logically, the beginnings of Dragon Ball Z are always the most difficult to deal with, as it is not very common to see the story of the young Gohan detailed as in the manga and anime - the 'normal' is to jump into the fighting of Goku or a Gohan already older -.

Fortunately, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is not afraid to face the chronology of the saga, and it is easy to appreciate the passage of time based on the fact that we get to control a variety of different models of Son Gohan being this a mere kid. In that sense, then, CyberConnect2 manages to capture many instants of the anime in an exceptional way, to the point of being at the height of how the animated adaptation did or even overcome it. That is why on those occasions when the 'Do of chest' does not occur ... in those moments one is left with a somewhat bitter taste.

There are scenes in which, for what is achieved in others, it is inevitable to think of an "oh, I expected something else", which does not mean that it has not worked properly. Sometimes the adventure drama is a victim of its own ambition, so it is not uncommon to have a roller coaster feel. Despite this, we can ensure that the emotions transmitted by the game are mostly positive, especially given the complex objective that CyberConnect2 had set itself. Thus, because of the length of the saga 'Z' - 291 episodes - it seems very difficult that the absolute representation will arrive at a certain point, but Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot strives to stay as close as possible to it.


Gameplay level: Saiyan Legendario

As much as history and representation is one of the most important points of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, this is a Dragon Ball video game, and all these always return to the same topic: combat. In recent years, we have seen how Dragon Ball FighterZ placed the franchise in the competitive landscape very deservedly. Dragon Ball Xenoverse, on the other hand, offered a simple but liked system to those who love character editing. On the other hand, Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission totally departs from the fight, and ...¿ what does Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot do?

The simplest enemies will offer, on the other hand, a challenge without too many complications; Sometimes it will be advisable to block and other dodge, but ultimately without transmitting a true sense of danger. On the other hand, when the 'bosses' - and there are many - begin to enter the scene, we have to be careful in many ways. On the one hand, they adopt a simple behavior like the basic enemies, but they have different phases that are interspersed. Thus, for example, we can highlight an increase in temporal power in which they will begin to use each and every one of the techniques they know.

Customization, side missions and progression

One of the most interesting elements for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is that personalization, progression and side missions are related to such an extent that they feed back continuously. To explain this we will start with the progression system, which is varied and very entertaining. These are the various ways we have in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot to improve our characters:

  • Fighting and performing missions to get experience points
  • Fighting and performing missions to get Z orbs
  • Performing missions (secondary and main) to obtain emblems - or medals, failing that - of the community
  • Performing missions and exploring to obtain objects that improve our community emblems - that add to our community boards -
  • Eating to earn attribute points - hunting and fishing will help us -
  • Exploring to collect Z orbs

Having seen this, I will begin by explaining that, practically as in any game, experience points are what will mark our level in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot - and what will significantly increase the power of our warriors -. To get more of these we must do two things: complete missions either secondary or main and fight. In turn, in completing combats we will see that we are granted Z orbs, which takes us to the next step.

Thus, these orbs, which have different colors to be attributed to different characters - Goku, for example it is red, while Piccolo is green -, are absolutely essential to unlock techniques and improve those we already have. Without these orbs, however much we increase our level, we can reach the end of the game by wearing a sad level 1 kamehameha that will not earn anyone's respect. The easiest way to obtain these orbs, then, is to fight against powerful enemies, although the maps are full of them and, in many cases, mark paths from point A to B that are easy to follow.

Projecting the story of Dragon Ball Z completely in its entirety is a daunting task that, for now, seems to remain unsuccessful. However, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot makes merits to be crowned as the title that, narratively, has come closest to the original work. It is an essential game for anime lovers that will put the player in tension through fights as spectacular as spectacular. In addition, it always leaves room for recreation thanks to its 'Intermediates', a kind of stalls between large arches that players can take advantage of in many ways.

In short, from Bandai Namco they can feel safe when making Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot a reference title within the framework of Akira Toriyama's work. Similarly, CyberConnect2 should have the confidence of being able to create a line of launches as it did in the past especially with Naruto, and that his first contact with the IP starring Son Goku is a highly satisfactory one - despite the slight problems of clipping and popping that we see sometimes -.

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