Appreciation SUNDAY - THANK YOU

One of my fav anime : Slime Taoshite 300-nen
The anime is great magician that has max her level by killing slime for 300 years and has help many people around her. This episode she has help a hopeless busker become the best of her.

This video clip is KUKU first song in front of 20,000 auditions and after that everything become history .

For being blessed with her consider family , this song dedicate to them .
Right in time , appreciation sunday i would like to thank everyone family , friend , community , internet , enemy and everyone for being part of my life.

I know that
I should be saying good bye
But that would be too sad
So i'll say this instead
Thank you

Im not disappearing and going away forever
We'll both still be living under the same sky
In different places, buy at the same time
There may be thing that we forget
Because we are alive

But because we're alive
we can remember
Yes, we can remember

So whenever you feel like it , at least
Come and see me , please come and see me
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

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