Is Zidane's Success Tied To Luck?

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Zidane has really been a blessing in Madrid's path. He's a coach who has a strong affinity with trophies

How do you explain a coach winning Champions League in three successions? Let's ignore the fact that they had quality players that made that happen, it takes a very good coach to achieve such an incredible feat.

Earlier this season, Madrid were a joke conceding goals for fun and it looks like they were going nowhere. Remember how they were conceiving goals a lot and Courtois was a subject of mockery. Now look at how he covered those lapses and they are now two games away from clinching La Liga

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He has transformed Vinícius José, Rodrygo, Mendy, Valverde guys that are barely up to 20 not ignoring the fact that Asensio and Hazard has been injured for large part of the season.

Zidane worked really hard on his team and he's reaping the rewards which some people attribute to luck. Considering how he worked on his players, he deserves the title more than Barcelona

What do you guys think?