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Uncle Cricket'pakistan

every one know about the "Chacha cricketer" Chacha mean uncle, and in urdu langue we uncle mean chaha, so chacha cricket is very much famoust personality in the cricket, chacha belong to pakistan. so one news was here on media that chacha cricker died, but this news was fake, wrong news, he is alive, so he is alive, so fan of chacha cricketers was very much sad after reading the fake scame news about the death of chacha, so now it is good news for them that chacha cricketer is alive.


Pakistan's Babar Azam

In psl five babar azam scored most runs , he was one of the best batsman in the psl five with most runs that he scored in this season five, so fan of babar azam enjoyed this victory of babar azam, so here i want to add this that babar azam is one of the best cricket player and he played many international and national match in the all over the world, this time babar azam is also key batsman in Pakistan national team sqaud , Weldon babar azam


Tamim Iqbal and pakistan

Tamim Iqbal is bangladeshi famous cricketer and this time he is in Pakistan to take participate in PSL season 5 so he said in his interview that he like Pakistan very much, he is very much fan of Pakistani crowed in cricket ground, he also said that he always love to enjoy playing cricket in Pakistani ground, but this time covid 19 did not give us chance to take this opportunity of crowed, so there are thousands fan of Tamim Iqbal in Pakistan, and Pakistani people paid thank to Tamim Iqbal for visiting Pakistan and his interview increased more love in heart of Pakistani people


hope you all will enjoy 3 best interesting news from the crickets ground, thank you very much for visiting my post,



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