Hockey Night in Hoserville!

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Hockey is BACK and hose who who know me are aware of what that means to this Canuck.


I have magically captured the beginning of the season as brought to you by corporate sponsor and it happens to be the first goal of the season for my favourite team, the Montreal Canadiens. For the hockey uninitiated and my international followers, that spelling (with the ‘e’) is simply French Canadian and speaks of the teams 100+ years heritage. The winningest team in nhl history and among the leaders in all sport with 24 championships.

It has been rough sledding for the last 20+ years so you won’t hear me lauding them like that unless I am defending against delusional leafs fans (67!)


This really is the Canadian holy grail known as lord Stanley’s cup and marks the return of hockey at a perfect time. People in this region as staring down a 28-day stay at home lockdown starting tonight at midnight. It would be an even darker month without the return of hockey if it was cancelled due to COVID.

It is a different year indeed as the border stands strong. All of the Canadian teams have been assembled in a North division and play each other an unprecedented 9 times in a 56-game abbreviated season. Old rivalries are going to intensify while new ones will be formed throughout the league.

I am posting this for the first time in a while using @ecency and am using the #sportstalk tag as I plan on leveraging Hive to develop my sports analyst game. I do need a couple new brands for my blog as swashbuckling and team sports columns look to be hampered at least a little longer.

I believe that if you have done anything 10+years and don’t become rather good at it, you should probably hang up the skates as the saying goes. I bet there are 3 people on the blockchain that share my passion for the Canadiens and I bet I never meet them unless you, my beloved followers, help me connect with them. I will most likely stick to hockey and dabble into basketball and baseball.

Time will tell whether accolades will result from my sports columns but I will work to become one of our many columnists who carry the title #sportsologist

Do you hockey? 🥅 🏒


Ah some fond memories of watching hockey. I was in a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean when the bruins beat the Canadians many years ago. Some fun times, hockey is indeed one of my favorites!

Cool to see you using the sports tag, I’ve bought several thousand of the token so always glad to curate it with whoever uses it!


I have been passionate about sports and enjoyed hockey for decades. As fun as it is to watch, it is 10 times as fun to play. You ain't lived!

I suppose if I am going to rock the tag, I should network a little with the community and buy myself a stake in solidarity.

Appreciate the curation and engagement!

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