Indoors! Not Idle!


So it's a rainy day!
The rain started deep down in the night and lasted till in the morning. The rain just stopped and gave people a chance to step out the door.

I have been indoors today because of the rain. It's not as if I had anywhere to go, today is a public holiday, and I have nowhere exactly in mind to go so I have just been on my bed since in the morning after doing a few chores.

Though I am out of the house already and the weather is still very chilly, the roads are wet and a bit scarce of people.
I am glad a friend of mine called to meet up with her so I am heading over to her place to get a few things done.

While I was in the house, I wasn't idle though, I can't find myself being idle so I always have one or two things doing. I was making my digital sketch when she called. And soon I will share it with you guys but here is the start of the work process.

I do hope everyone is doing very well and having a great day so far.
I wish you all a blessed Wednesday!

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