Took 1000 steem off platform. Will i bring it back?

in Archon8 months ago

images (20).jpeg
Ufmlotto is down
What to do?
Oh yeah lets play #kryptogamers.
You know the provably fair game on the steem blockchain that is fair.
30 mins later 1700 steem down but thats just gambling right.
Yeah i suppose you can play 70/30 and lose 20 out of 30 hands. Shit happens
Ps any fan boys i been number 1 on both those sites 90% of times, i have played, so unless you wanna put your money where your mouth is....
Anyway i must be just unlucky it happens.
1000 steem left what shall we do?
Still cant sleep
Ufmlotto still down
This is getting costly.
Lets withdraw and place some sports bets.
Its less of a gamble than this shit. recently joined this, as FortuneJack scammed me for 0.5 btc 6 ish months ago, with not letting me withdraw.
4 hours later...........
7 bets later
Guess im not that unlucky after all.
Total Return 3.8857 eth
Withdraw 3.0857 eth
Oh yay finished no1 again thanks kryptogamers your the best.


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