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That could be stunning to hear that USA lost to Nigeria in a basketball game. Let me start with excuses. USA played relaxed basket ball last night. KD, Lillard, Bam were testing the water to see if they can really compete. Watching the game I could not see the Nigeria as a foreign team from another planet. They play similar or even better than the US. Even Nigeria is stunned by winning the game.

I like to read these stats from Nigeria. They lost to the US by 83 points in 2012. 2016 Nigeria lost to US by 43. In 2021 they won by 3. Ha ha ha, got me laughing a little. People forget the NBA is the ultimate place the bests are coming from. Nigeria has four players from the NBA. They played really good and they have time to train with each other where USA team is not even complete for Tokyo.

I know everyone is stunned by this loss. It shows the World is catching up to our best. If Nigeria can beat us, what about the powers of Europe? Training is the key approach for team USA. More than that play with energy and show respect for other countries basketball programs.

I like that quote from Mike T. :everybody has a plan till you get hit on the face. This is a slap that can save team USA presence in Tokyo. Now everyone will try team USA going forward. I will not hesitate to see some blowout in the Olympics. Another loss will get me concern big time. Team USA has one way to go, improve and prep better to represent.

Now Nigeria just did itself a favor. People will watch them more and see if they can compete for a medal. The way they play is formidable and their future is bright. They have been trained together for a couple months so they need to win something.
If you need to show interest in basketball for the Olympic, now you have something to watch.


To say that the United States lost in Basketball, it is no surprise the distances have been shortened a lot and almost all the countries of the world have representatives in the NBA or in European Basketball so that shows them that to win the Olympic medal you have to play 100% all games.

USA will prevail
otherwise it will be an early exit.
I am not sure this will happen anytime soon.

That is true, they will continue to dominate but they cannot play relaxed, they must always give their best effort.

This is quite stunning. The US is the home of modern basketball. Seeing Nigeria wins over US is gonna be a talk of the town.

It was an exhibition game with a caveat.
Nigerian team has NBA players all over
so it looks like a game destined to go both ways.

Wow, US loss