SCOT VP Viewer - Vote weight multiplier support / Scotauto (autoclaim) / Staking precision Update

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New Feature: vote weight multiplier show / change

If you are a big holder of certain SCOT, it might be better for you to create a separate alt account for that.

But, if you don't wanna manage too many accounts, but still do not wanna waste your voting power, then scot vote_weight_multiplier is a solution, very recently introduced by holger80 scotbot: it is now possible to set vote/downvote weight multiplier to balance the all the different vote power

SCOT VP Viewer now supports vote weight multiplier show / change. As usual, if you click vote weight multiplier, a setting dialog pops up, as shown above. I also included some advice on which multiplier you may want to choose.

Staking Precision Update

While it's good to show only up to 3-digit precision for balance info for simplicity, when a user wants to stake the token, it should be accurate, especially when rounding occurs.

Now staking dialog shows up to token-specific precision.


Getting tired of claiming all different tokens?

@scotauto claims all tokens on behalf of you. VP viewer provides the link for convenience. Visit for details

Misc update

Most console.log is now removed. I only keep them for keychain transactions, since it's important log, so advanced users can check them on their own.

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Hi @knowledges, thank you for saving mine :) I don't know what happened to all dev mods but hopefully you or others could review them. Thanks again!

Thank you for your review, @knowledges! Keep up the good work!

Can I found explorer scotauto? Like this?

I guess what you want is scot claim explorer not scotauto claim explorer, right?

afaik, there is no such a thing, but you can query it by sender=tokens

😀 Thank you!

@neoxian I think this is what you're looking for.

Thanks for introducing this :)

My pleasure, it looks really nice.


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@dmilliz, have you even read the post? to me, you're spamming. JAHM is one of SCOT, and this post is about the tool that I made to support SCOT.

Ok , my bad, things been getting very spammy here. This actually makes sense. I thought it was another post about “what tokens I claimed today” . It’s a jungle out here

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