My first day at the volleyball pitch

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I grew up with this thoughts that volleyball was for ladies, you know while growing up I enjoy football so well but my girlfriend spends alot of time watching volleyball, she plays volleyball very well she was well known in the hood.
She preach me into volleyball that Tuesday i decided to give volleyball a try.
She gave me a jersey to wear on it was boldly written "KEEP CALM AND PLAY VOLLEYBALL"
images (1).jpeg
I put it on and was ready to go.
Mehn! It was real fun what a memorable day


Playing volleyball is incredible, I practice volleyball since I was 11 years old and I still play now in the second Spanish division. Keep playing and you'll see how you want to keep hitting the ball. Keep uploading posts like this!

Alright no problem

Great sport!! We are a Spanish Club of Volleyball and we promote the volleyball content along with the steem blockchain. Keep posting!

I will definitely do that