Volleyball story continued



where are you going I asked to the pitch can't you see that for yourself? she answered I came to tell you guys should come and watch our final match at the pitch today we both laugh at her scornfully, I don't like volleyball we both said together as if it was planed, guys come on! you will enjoy it I promise we both followed her, Zulu I love seeing those girls at the beach wearing bikini let's go so that we see them Smart whispered to me.

When we arrive the pitch I saw some of my friends there also the match was suppose to last for 45 minutes and arrive 15 minutes earlier the game started at 15:00GMT to end 15:48GMT including 3 minutes extra time, we sat down what really made me come for the game was to see Jane my homey play volleyball so I sat down avoiding distractions.
the referee entered the pitch and blow whistle for the match to start, the team were already in the pitch anxiously awaiting for the referee to that, and the match begins seriously I love everything I saw that day it was explicitly marvelous seriously I love all I saw that day at the pitch. the manner Jane played volleyball that day surprised me I never knew Jane can be that serious in life. I came back with my mind made up.
I told myself I will play volleyball and I mean every word I said