✨ Do you know Japanese synchronized walking? 🎌

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😲 Extreme Synchronization πŸ’―

Humans or robots?

"Hard training and a lot of discipline!"

These are the basic prerequisites for being able to present such a performance. This sport is very popular in Japan and also serves as a preparation for working life. Japanese are very disciplined and synchronized walking is a good preparation to work in a team. Such a presentation requires months of training and over 1000 miles of walking.

Japanese Precision Walking Competition 2011

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You are so right... You know I also wonder how possible the steps they take were, and some times i think it's a trick.. But with your right up I think I've been able to understand how it works for them.. Your write up was educating and your video were on point.

Hi @vicsticks,

hahaha -yes -the first time i watched this vid i thought this was an video-edit with the two crossing groups :D

thanks for your comment.