Legendary Games, Warcraft III Highlights

Authored by @ManniMan
w3_logo.pngLast Friday I made a Post for the remarkable Streams of the Weekend and asked you "Wanna see some professional Warcraft III this Weekend?" Some of you might not have the time to watch prolonged Streams, so I decided to pick 2 incredible Games from this Weekend and give you the chance to witness them via the VODs.These VODs are created by Back2Warcraft

Have fun first and then thank me later :p

1. Human vs Orc, China vs Korea, TH000 vs Lyn

TH000 maybe the best Human of all Times and Lyn the best asien Orc Player in History of Warcraft III did meet in the EPC and it was an epic Clash of HUMAN VS ORC:

2. Human vs Undead, Sweden vs France, Effect vs Syde

W-League Europe is a newly formed Pro Player League this year. And while it hasn't really started yet, it already provides us with one of the most unpredictable and micro intense Battles of Human vs Undead that even the Caster "Remo Rimmel" from Germany has ever seen. He really screams "Best Human vs Undead ever!" in the last Game of the Series. Watch urself and find out why :))

Now I hope these 2 Games should fit in your time, you really dont wanna miss out!

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Have a nice Week :)