PSV signs Chelsea player

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The Dutchman never became a success in the English, and after five seasons with loans to various clubs, the 28-year-old midfielder is now moving home to his home country. He will play for PSV Eindhoven for the next two seasons. This is confirmed by the club on its website, where van Ginkel puts a few words on the shift:

PSV has always been good to me. The club helped me during my recovery and we have always kept in close contact even when I was not playing here. I am convinced that I can contribute to PSV's ambitions. I look forward to playing for the championship, qualifying for the Champions League group stage and being a great example for the talented players on our team.

Marko van Ginkel has been loaned out to PSV up to several times and he has already played 76 matches for the club. The Dutchman has also previously been loaned out to Stoke and AC Milan. During his eight years at Chelsea, it has only been four games for the English club.


Congratulations to van Ginkel on his two years contract

For me i think it is better for him to go to where he would be having a regular game time than playing in a club where is value is not known and felt.
Congrats to Ginkel

Didn't quite know much about this player. As long as been at psv gives him a better playing chance, good for him. Wish him all the best in his new career challenge

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He is a good signing and he will be a good player to watch out at the club

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