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If it's not this one then get this one on your list. I've read it 6 times, taken note after note...I keep it on the bedside table.

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It's not, so I will get this one too. I appreciate it!


It's a good one. Take it slow, take notes and it will help you a lot.

Bought it, I will digest it! Thanks.



I got bogged down on mass reloading data in the other book. I already reload....

Most of the levels mount on the central diameter of the scope. Looking around the eyepiece defeats the purpose.


Yes, the scope levels I use (Accuracy 1st and Vortex) mount to the tube. When I am behind the gun though it's as simple as opening my left eye. Once level (I mean when using a bipod) I don't have to level up again until next shot. Different when shooting free hand I guess.

The bipod would make a big difference, haven't used one much. The sling has been a good friend, and I have been thinking about some shooting sticks.

I haven't shot prone much, but I did buy a pad for it.

I will measure the ring, and get a level coming. I like the tritium idea, I have that on my 1911.


Slings can work well. I have a tactical one that adjusts quickly for fast positional changes. Keeps the gun snug to my shoulder at all times when doing shoot and move drills or in competition.

There's some key factors to remember in prone shooting; Body position and all. YouTube will help.

This reminds me...You might like to check out this guy. I don't use YouTube much but have seen some of this guy's stuff over the years. He seems to know what he is about.