Bear with discerning palate

in #wildlife2 months ago

Well, I finally got a daytime video of one of the bears. Apparently this one has a discerning palate and our trash wasn't up to his standards today.

It looks like he must be finding others to his taste, because looks pretty healthy to me! Interesting how he just has to barely tilt his head up to be even with the top of the can. These are the extra large size cans.


Is this a young bear?

Definitely not a cub anymore. I'm guessing a 2-3 year old and about 250-275 lbs. We just have Black Bears (can be multiple colors) here in Colorado now, none of the huge Grizzly since the early 1950's.

They are beautiful to watch in a park but not so much in my drive-way..😊

Exactly. I love seeing them, but my wife not so much. I just got another video I will upload tomorrow. She was watering her flowers this am outside the front door, and the Bear came through there not even 10 minutes after. The sidewalk was still wet. Before she would not go out after dark, now she is saying she may never go outside again lol.

Can be frighting going out-side after NYC, Portland & Seattle ...