Undertaker vs. Triple H - WrestleMania Epic Fight

in wrestling •  11 months ago 

Tripple H Vs Undertaker This fight is in the middle of 2 big superstars. I had written a clock before you in which I told you Tripple H vs Great Khali had won the Tripple H in the match between the two and it was How do they beat a heavyweight champion and register their golden name in the history of WWE, but what I am going to tell you today about this site is also such a fight The audience was lost inside the fight of these two and it was not known who would win, who would lose but the Undertaker defeated Triple H in this match with great cleverness but if you see the whole match then you will feel Tripple in the whole match H is overshadowed but in the last moments Tripple H makes all the mistake and that match goes to the Undertaker Saver and that match is completely captured and goes into the Undertaker's hand. Big people watched and this match is one of the golden matches that will never be called and the fight of these two heavyweight champions will always be memorable.

HighLights of Tripple H vs Undertaker

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