Any Wrestling Fans Here?

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Since I was a young child, laying in front of the television manually changing channels - i've had a love for all things intrinsically entertaining. From He-Man to the A-Team, I was caught up in storylines running the gamut of my young mind.

Then one day, I found wrestling.

I don't remember the match, the federation or even the wrestlers themselves - but I remember the spectacle. Grown men, gladiators to kayfabian mind, entrenched in battle. Ropes, bells, chairs, whats that, A STEEL CAGE?! Men in striped shirts, officiating the madness - men in cowboy hats calling the blows and beautiful women in sparkling gowns on the arms of the mighty giants.

It was everything.

I can remember searching for the show after that morning, unable to find what I had witnessed. It wouldn't be for years until I was able to reconnect with the idea of wrestling. When my parents finally got cable, and I found a little show called USWA Championship Wrestling. Talents the likes of Jerry Lawler, Chris Adams, The Von Erich's, Butch Reed, Dr. Death Steve Williams and The Junkyard Dog. I was hooked... again.

Later on, of course i'd stumble upon WCW Monday Night Nitro, WWF Raw/War Zone, ECW and the like - but i'll never forget the humble stumble on that old knobbed TV. I often wonder who it was I was watching, what story lines they were running and who was champ at the time. It's moments like this that make a persons fandom solidified for any sport. The moments we want to remember, the matches we forget, when gladiator takes on gladiator a steel cage, of course.

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I heard wrestling is been acted

I saw Kofi Kingston's interview and he actually said that they play a certain character. For example his is a Jamaican character. So it's highly likely it's a scripted show.

doesn't make what they do not an incredible athletic feat? They still go out there every night and risk their lives

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Seems like most of us grew watching wrestling. Every 90s kid knows how epic it was. Brings back a lot of memories. Been a little difficult to follow up on the episodes ever since i became an adult. :)

Used to love it back in the days. In the Uk there was big daddy giant haystack. But the action was stateside. The best years were when wcw was trying to take over and they did for a short time. Goldberg was the man that was when wcw was at its peak then wwf (wwe) took over again. Sinve then the characters are reborn but never rhe same as the originals so lost interest

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I loved wrestling and grew up during the attitude era which was like the most epic time to watch WWE, I really miss that kind of shows but I know with the PG reach for more money and PC climate you can't really get away with it anymore.

Never the less, was an amazing era of wrestling and wrestlers

When I was younger I was a huge fan. This was somewhere early 90s and very comic like.
I got interested again during the WCW time as some new friends were watching it.

I came into professional wrestling during the height of the WWF/WCW wars. It overtook everyone in our age group I feel. I'd be shocked to know how many nWo shirts were sold during those years.

I can also remember my older brother watching it while I was younger. I remember watching with him but I wasn't personally drawn in. Still cool to think back this far.

Great post man. Happy to have you onboard!

I was a big fan of wrestling. I loved Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, Rock, Stone Cold, Shawn Micheals, Jeff Hardy and most of them. Off late it has not been the same. I grew up and started move away from it because it was not as involving as it used to be. The attitude Era! And then when there was CM Punk and John Mo around. After their exit I haven't been attracted so much. I don't know how it's going on right now but I have been a fan wrestling. It excites me even today but alas! It's not the same.

Well I enjoyed watching wrestling a few years ago. But the stuff WWE is delivering the last few years is unwatchable.

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