Braun Strowman ate almost 6 POUNDS OF FOOD in 10 Minutes

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If you think you’ve got a big appetite, wait until you see this video of Braun Strowman — because this week he ate nearly 6 pounds of food in 10 minutes.

Strowman and Mojo Rawley took part in a food eating challenge on Thursday at Jimmy Hulas in Florida. Based on the Instagram videos, Braun seems to have destroyed the competition.

Here’s what was on his plate:

2 burritos
4-5 tacos
2 orders of loaded fries
Triple cheeseburger
The WWE stars took part in the challenge with a group of guys who call themselves the “Orlando Food Guys.” Their full video on the challenge should be available soon.

For now, however, watch some of the highlights below and behold “The Monster Among Men” showing off his eating dominance.

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I bet Strowman does pound some food. The guy is HUGE! @katiulrich watched the video and made a good point that Strowman needs more mic time. He sounds like a chill dude!