Official XCWE Statement In Regards To the Sports Talk Social Ref Situation

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As many are aware early Thursday morning a referee (referee007) informed us that our posting of back content is considered spam by the refs. Additionally that our content being posted in under an hour temporally without a description is viewed as Farming whatever that is on top of the refs feeling that our content is not original due to it not having our name on the platform we share it from (has the Straight Edge Punks name) to that we respond with stating that while we are and independent syndicate the Straight Edge Punks (@sep4life4ever) and Totally Just Hell (@totallyjusthell) are our parent syndicates under an anarcho syndicalist umbrella organization called Straight Edge Punks Network and has been since 2012 prior to that we were part of Totally Just Hell and Cheetah Channel's ustream and's. We hope this cleared alot of things up


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This is the original comment I made. I used the words, 'maybe', 'possibly' and 'if' because its a team decision. Please don't misquote me again.