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RE: My Pegasus bike and godlike sporting prowess

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My first bike was a Pegasus. The chopper style one with tyres that would last for years despite my agresive breaking style. Didn't had a bigger brother to challenge me and never fell of it. I did fel of a mountain bike after the Pegasus got old. It was a very comfortable bike though with almost the perfect riding position but only on straight roads, no uphill involved.


There's a bike called Pegasus?

I never knew that, obviously my reference to the name was to the mythological creature Pegasus as per the post text. Well, what a happy coincidence.

My bike wasn't a Pegasus, the mythical beast, or the bike-version...It was a no-name brand because my parents couldn't afford anything better. I liked it though.

Something like this:


It was a Romanian one so I doubt it got to Australia. The Romanian name was Pegas.

Haha, well that's sort of what I had. Mine has three gears though with the gear shifter on the top of the tube/frame between the seat and handle bars head-stem. It's similar though...Also, mine was yellow so yeah, it's bringing back memories.

Mine had no gears...😀. Only one gear and brakes. It was orange and I am struggling right now to remember what happened to it. I'm getting old...

I'm getting old...

We all are.

When I was writing this story this morning I was reminiscing...The memories seem so vivid but hell man, I'm 50 in three months! Still rockin' it though, and I reckon I'd still have a a go at jumping that bike! 😆