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RE: My Pegasus bike and godlike sporting prowess

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I can't believe I never read this! I relate to this incident in more ways than I can explain in a single comment. Crashing myself and my bicycle in the pursuit of tickling my adrenal glands was a significant part of my life from a young age. My skull bears a crack that runs from my right temple out into my forehead, my left side has malformed ribs, I once had a gash caused by impact to my hip bone that was so deep it stunk and you could stick two fingers into my organs - all of those from feats of bicycle glory. I also have never had children from my own loins (which amazes me because I have had quite a few conquests and never used protection) and I have wondered the same. I figured it could have been a combination of that and my usage of drugs and alcohol when I became a teenager (though, as we know that is not something you had to pair with the nutsack damages - fortunately :).)