Find Your Passion! Stick to it.

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Greetings fellow Steemians. On this post I wrote quite a lot, defining passion. After reading it, you could understand the simplest meaning of passion and how important it is in the life of any living being. Some of us may keep wondering how to develop the passion for what you love most and live with it. Well, it is a question that is frequently asked and the answer is not always easy to find. On this post I will talk on How to Develop and FInd your Passion

How to Develop Your Passion

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If you ever have the chance to do one thing that will transform your life, the best idea is to find something you are passionate about and make your living out of it. This is not always easy but just a little bit of effort will put it to a bet. If you constantly lack motivation for what you are doing now, get yourself a new job that you have feelings for, where you will realize your full potentials.

Imagine you wake up everyday excited to go to work, you are always the first person to get to work every morning. You may even put in more hours than you are given but it seems like you enjoy yourself more. At this state, you can even loose track of the world and time.This is when you realize that what is termed work is not really work, it is a passion where you have fun and which is interesting and exciting.

What will you do then? Here are a few points that will enable you find your passion.

  1. Find out what you spend time with most. What is that thing that you spend days reading or asking about it?
  2. Ask yourself if there is something you love doing. And if there is, now you will look for a possibility to develop and make a living out of it.
  3. Look out for ideas, search everywhere and find out what matches you most.
  4. Make some thinking about yourself, write down anything that comes to your mind everyday and you will see after a while that the things you noted converge at a certain point.
  5. Give your ideas a try and do not quit your job just yet. While researching your possibilities, continue with your job. You might just be building income for your passion.
  6. Do a lot more research and practice over and over. You will realize that if it is something you love then the practice will be what you want to do.
  7. It is more likely that you will fail at the beginning, always keep trying and you will eventually land where you want to be.

Thanks for making out time to read this post. Have a great time!

It is true that when you get a job that you dislike or hate, it will sound like a bad dream to you. It is also true that ii you do not put in an effort to find what you are passionate about, will never feel as if you hate something. So dare to dream, imagine and search for what you love and turn a possibility into a probability.


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