The Force of Purpose

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Many contradictions has been between purpose and passion. Whether or not they are different words with the same meaning. Well, they don't have the same meaning. Because to my understanding, when you have purpose you need passion to fuel it. This leaves me with no conclusion that to say every force of purpose that drives you forward needs to be fueled by passion.

Your shining talents may be very difficult to hide but your purpose can be tougher to identify. It is sad to know but this happens all the times.

Sometimes you may wonder what life means and what you are to do with it, purpose it the answers. Just as mechanical things need electricity, things need gravitational force to be grounded, purpose is a force too.Therefore purpose is the push and pull of you reacting with other object like events and your surrounding. It is mostly said that the greatest tragedy is not death but the force of purpose.


Purpose is defining the original intend of someone. It is a force that gives life a meaning. That is the reason for which something exist or the reason for which something is created or done.

Being alive makes you to aim to live longer, reason why you get up every morning. That's your primary purpose. Purpose has much more as it can influence behavior, shape goals, guide life decisions, create a meaning and offer a sense of direction. While some people may find their purpose expressed in their daily life activities, others see it just as simple as being alive.

Purpose is unique to everyone, and is something that take a bit of time to be figured out. It will grow and change as an individuals skills and believes grows, evolve and develop. It is very clear that at many instances in your life, you would want to tweak your purpose.

Just imagine what your life will be when you have a great purpose. This means you have broken through all barriers in your life. That is, you have a clearly defined route you will use to overcome your obstacles and challenges with a clearly defined purpose. Understanding your purpose therefore is the key, which can be done as follows;

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  1. Know who you are.
  2. Know what you do
  3. Serve the right people

The points listed above go with these three questions below;

  1. Who am I?
  2. Where do I belong?
  3. When do I feel I am fulfilled?

When you identify your purpose, passion will result which will serve as energy to fuel your purpose. You will then always feel that driving force of your life in you.

We may at different stages of our lives find different questions and different possibilities. These are the questions that will fully alive your life. So have a clearly defined purpose, seen clearly in your mind. Attach this to any message or relating wisdom words, and let it frequent your mind. You will then emerge with a greater confidence and a drive to what you do.

Thanks for making out time to read this post. Hope you got some useful information and that it helps you in any way. Have a wounderful time!


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