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RE: My Pegasus bike and godlike sporting prowess

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lol! Older brothers are so good at that! Was he laughing his head off again? Man, that hurt just reading about it, great job of describing it and the first imaginary section is such funny and excellent writing! That section reminded my of the great sir meesterboom.


To have my writing described akin to the great @meesterboom makes me happy. He's one of the funniest and best writers I think I've read. Thanks janton, much appreciated...Yes, that asshole brother of mine thought it was hilarious. 😄 Admittedly, I tended to never err on the side of caution, or back down from a challenge, no matter how dumb so I have to take the blame. My hooly doolies copped a battering, as did other parts of my body, when I was a kid.

lol...hooly doolies! haha...did you ever get him back?
The great meesterboom is simply astounding. He should be making a fortune writing for some newspaper or magazine everyday.

I always got my brother back...But he would return serve tenfold and so I gave up. He's one of those who has to win all the time...I would probably be dead if I let it escalate...I went off to read a book instead when it ramped up too far. Safer that way.

Oh, so the common sense finally kicked in a the right time. This wasn't tarazkp was it?

Nah, my eldest brother who is not on steem. The one with the custom cars etc. tarazkp is 9 years younger. He was a funny little kid too.

lol...a funny little kid! Now he's a funny big kid!

He is...He was a bloody monkey! Takes after his twin brother born nine years earlier on the same day...(Me)

And how did you treat him, were you mean to him like your older brother was to you?