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RE: My Pegasus bike and godlike sporting prowess

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Knowing you survived, and are okay, makes laughing at the story acceptable. That's what I am going with. :)


Haha, yeah well, I write those stories because I can, they are funny and I don't mind people having a laugh at me.

What are kids these days going to have to write about? Slipped off the Xbox controller and hurt my thumb and cheezle crumbs scattered off my t shirt and onto the floor?

No thanks, I'd rather my ball-tearing childhood adventures.

Yeah, kids today won't get the real-life learning experiences.

I saw a picture earlier this week that showed a comparison of 1975 (kids sitting in the bed of a pickup truck) and now (kids wrapped in bubble-wrap and buckled into the back seat).

Yep, that's about right. No sense of adventure. The bubble-wrap kids probably had game consoles in their hands...Or phones.