Basketball Importance To Teenagers


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It's no longer news that sports are of beneficial purposes to teenagers. Today I want to be talking about a particular sport "Basketball" and why it's beneficial to teenagers and why parents and teachers should encourage their teenagers to engage in basketball ball game.

Basketball sport is one of the popular sports in the world. It usually comprises of 5 players each in a team and two teams playing against each other. It may be less than 5 players though in an unofficial game.
It has been studied that basketball possesses some health benefits for its players. So when teenagers involved in the game of basketball, they have the advantage of getting these benefits. Playing basketball helps to burn calories, within an hour of playing this game a player can burn between 630 to 750 calories. A good exercise for kids to keep fit and maintain good agility, since this game involves fast movement.

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Teenagers playing basketball games also have the chance to learn teamwork and social interaction. Since this is a game of teams, teenagers got to learn at an early age how to communicate and work among others thereby increasing and boosting a good social interaction.
This sport also increases the flexibility of teen players as it's a form of exercise that affects every part of the body excluding no part.

Another benefit of basketball game to teenagers is that they learn the skill of endurance, teenagers get to learn that they have to be patient in life situations at an early age through basketball. The running, jumping, dribbling passing of the balls and putting trust in fellow teammates even when one doesn't want to is a great endurance mechanism.

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