Space Hotel: An ever closer reality.

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The future is something that, being naturally mysterious and indecipherable, has the ability to fascinate - to a greater or lesser extent - millions of people around the world. So, always thinking of being a step further in the discovery and implementation of news, professionals from different categories work incessantly to be pioneers in their niches offer something unprecedented for the population.

One of the branches that has been the target of great expectation is tourism and the reason could not be less curious: the launch of "hotel" in the middle of space. Yes, that's right you read... A hotel that will orbit around the planet!

It's been a long time talking about this possibility and many people have even discredited this idea, but the fact is that the project exists and has been worked to be a space station that will feature artificial gravity. It will provide rooms for visiting scientists and civilians interested in seeing the world from another perspective.

Named Von Braun Rotating Space Station, the realization of this mega construction has been conducted by the startup Gateway Foundation. According to Timothy Alatorre (who is the architect in charge of the project), the hotel will consist of a modular space station consisting of 2 concentric rings. They will be in constant rotation and offer a gravitational force equivalent to 1 sixth of earth's gravity.

The aim of the project is to provide a place where scientists can stay to be able to make their space expeditions and the idea of ​​transforming the environment into a hotel arose from the fascination that many people have visiting space (and this is already a very old "obsession").

Hoping to make sure that the experience of being in a space hotel is true, the project is copying the amenities that exist in land-based hotels. The creation of bars and restaurants is on the list, as well as areas for exercise and sports (have you ever thought you could play soccer, volleyball or basketball in space?).

Shows, concerts and other arts related initiatives are also present. Some spaces are also being designed to be devoid of artificial gravity targeting another type of audience (after all, not everyone can feel comfortable floating all the time).

The schedule the company has been working with is extremely ambitious and, if all goes well, the launch of this revolutionary hotel could take place in the year 2025. Robots will finish building and orbiting, and after everything is done, It is estimated that at least 100 visitors (per week) stay at this place.

The maximum capacity of the station will be 450 people and incredible as it may seem, its creators' intention is to make this experience not only a privilege for millionaire people... But it is hard to imagine that a poor or middle class citizen can afford such a trip, right?

Regarding its design, everything has a futuristic vibe and some of the world's most popular classic sci-fi movies Star Trek and Star Wars have been the main inspirations (as expected, considering where the hotel will work) to idealize the settings.

There is no doubt that this project will revolutionize many aspects, but the question remains: What will be the price of the stay?

Would you take a guess?

Image Source: Dezeen.


Humanity is reaching the next level....! Great post !