[Video] This is how Lieke Martens is Changing the Perception of Women’s Football

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I have written about Lieke Martens in this platform about the way she played football is like Lionel Messi.

Now I would like to write about how she can change the perception of women’s football in the world. Lieke Martens is a national team player of Netherland and now she plays for FC Barcelona. She is one of talented Midfielder in the world.

The lesson learned of this video is a motivational expression showed by Lieke Martens when she runs with the ball and how she shows her best skills that can be motivation for any woman in facing their life.

You can visit the official Instagram and twitter account of Lieke Martens to get more information about her daily activities.

Let’s face our life with a big motivation and never give up!

Thank you very much for your appreciation.


Very happy to see some more coverage on women's sports and athletics and also it is motivational! Nice read

Skill yang luar biasa dari seorang #LiekeMartens

Barcelona sangat beruntung memilikinya

Nice Post bang @bahagia-arbi