Zulham Zamrun In This League Clings To Persib Bandung

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The latest info from the official account whose contents are Zulham Zamrun rejoining Maung Bandung after leaving PSM Makassar. Persib Bandung get additional front-line ammunition. Zulham immediately followed the Persib training. At GBLA Stadium, Bandung City On Tuesday, 04th of November 0202020, the training was held right now, hopefully this team will always be successful in the future.

At that time Zulham Zamrun revealed the reason for accepting this year's Persib proposal. There are two main attractions for the 31-year-old. "The reason I returned to Persib was, first, my longing for Persib, and Bobotoh," Zulham said on the Persib website. Secondly, I met my former coach for three years together at the Makassar Football Association and wanted to come back to work with him again, "he added.

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