Serif Hasic Is The Latest Midfielder At PSM Makassar Today

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The most recent information at this time is named Serif Hasic, and also the Makassar Football Association has got a replacement for Marc Klok, the info is like that, but in fact the Makassar Football Association already has the latest midfielder. This midfielder named Serif Hasic and he who is also from Bosnia, Serif Hasic, was introduced as a member of the current squad and Juku Eja. Maybe a lot of people have long known about Serif Hasic, already know what it's like to be someone who is definitely not curious anymore. But, today we will officially introduce to all football lovers in Makassar that the Makassar PSM Team will be filled with a new face which is none other than Serif Hasic. The Makassar Football Association will leave for Tampines Rovers home on Monday afternoon. They will undergo an AFC Cup group match at Jalan Besar Stadium. Munafri also fulfilled the promise of adding players before going to the Lion country. "Today our team plans to leave for Singapore, diving in the inaugural match at the AFC. But before that we have long been waiting for that there will be new players who will join the Makassar PSM squad before leaving for Singapore," Munafri said. hopefully in the future there will be a change.

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