Day 1627 | Tennis & 3-Hour Walk

I started a challenge of taking 100 days off to mainly focus on my health and overall personal development and used this account as a personal blog to keep track of all my activity. I enjoyed it and continued afterward trying to build better habits and find a good balance between health, fitness, work, and my personal life...

Back to playing my weekly hour of tennis on Thursday from here on out even though the session didn't last that long as the friend I played with teared a muscle 20 minutes into it. I was productive afterward and as the weather was nice went on my reguar 3-Hour walk which was highly enjoyable. In the early evening, I watched to Europa League matches which produced some good profit overall. I kept my eating clean but ate too much and plan on doing some kind of fasting the next couple of days in order to get my weight down. I also once again did my daily reps so overall a pretty good day.

Daily Food Journal Sunday September 12th
I ate my usual proteine shake/smoothie in the morning, some soup afterward followed by too many peanuts and quite a big meal with a Sweep Potato & Beetroot in the oven along with some salad and humus with some vegan vegetable balls on top of that.

Today Goals
Friday I plan to eat less, go on a morning run doing most of my reps early on. In the late afternoon I might go for another walk after having been productive on the day.

DayWeightBed TimeAwakeExpensesDay Score
01 Oct71.7 kg00:1008:100.00€6
02 Oct72.0 kg01:0009:0014.27€5
03 Oct71.8 kg00:0008:303.67€7
04 Oct71.5 kg00:0009:000€9
05 Oct71.5 kg23:3008:3010.75€6
06 Oct72.0 kg00:0008:303.39€7

365 Day Fit-at-40 Challenge

027Tennis, Reps; 3-Hour WalkProteine Shake, Soup, peanuts, beetroot,sweet Potato, hummus, vegan balls8.5 Hours72.0 kg
026Morning Run + RepsProteine Shake, pear, soup, vegan balls, Nut Bars9 Hours71.5 kg
025Reps+Morning Run+Row TrainingNuts, Banana, Soup, Tempeh9 Hours71.5 kg
024Reps + 3-Hour WalkProteine Shake, Caulilower, Pear, Nut Bars8/5 Hours71.8 kg
023Monring Run & Some RepsSmoothie,
bread, chips
8 Hours72.0 kg
022Run & 3X80 RepsSmoothie, Soup, Mais, Pear8 Hours71.7 kg
021---72.0 kg

Previous Months Progress

021September72.0 kg
000Start73.0 kg

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You're taking the right step. "Health is wealth" they say. By exercising and taking the right food You're doing yourself a great favour. Kudos 👏


Thanks, indeed health is wealth and Food, Exercise, Sleep are vitally important to that.
Right now I'm in a very good mindset on those but it's always hard to stay consistent.