Day 1793 | Swimming & Family Time

I started a challenge of taking 100 days off to mainly focus on my health and overall personal development and used this account as a personal blog to keep track of all my activity. I enjoyed it and continued afterward trying to build better habits and find a good balance between health, fitness, work, and my personal life...

It was a pretty regular Tuesday with some productivty in the monring, followed by a 1.2 km swim and some family time in the afternoon and evening.

Daily Food Journal
I atea smoothie in the morning, some waffles before and after swimming, some soup in the late afternoon and some fries in the evening.

Today GoalsWednesday will be somehat of a transitionary day preparing myself to fully go at it again keeping the damage limited. I might join a hot yoga session in the evening but I'm not sure yet.

DayWeightBed TimeAwakeExpensesDay Score
01 Mar73.0 kg23:0007:000€7
02 Mar72.8 kg00:0008:008.54€8
03 Mar72.8 kg00:0008:0020.34€7
04 Mar72.9 kg00:3008:305.75€7
05 Mar72.5 kg00:0008:000.00€7
06 Mar72.2 kg23:4007:400.00€7
07 Mar72.3 kg00:3008:002.5€8
08 Mar72.3 kg23:3008:000.00€6
09 Mar72.0 kg00:0008:007.01€6
10 Mar71.7 kg00:0008:003.64€7
11 Mar71.4 kg23:3007:301.95€7
12 Mar70.7 kg23:3007:300.007
13 Mar70.7 kg23:0008:002.79€7
14 Mar71.0 kg00:0008:300.00€8
15 Mar71.7 kg00:0008:007.24€6
16 Mar71.5 kg01:0008:0011.70€6
17 Mar72.0 kg00:3008:0010.43€6
18 Mar72.1 kg00:0008:009.34€7
19 Mar72.3 kg00:0008:005.95€6
20 Mar71.9 kg00:4008:000.00€7
21 Mar72.2 kg00:0008:007.00€7

365 Day Fit-at-40 Challenge

171Smoothie, waffles, soup, fries8 Hours72.2 kg
170Smoothie, Rice7.3 Hours71.9 kg
169Smoohie, rice, bread, Brownies8 Hours72.3 kg
168-Smoothie, Soup, Macaroni, Brownies, Rice8 Hours72.1 kg
167-Smoothie, rice, bread, chips7.5 Hours72.0 kg
166Walk, TennisSmoothie, Bread, Vegan Ice Cream7 Hours71.5 kg
165-Soup, Pasta Pesto, Chocolate8 Hours71.7 kg
1641.2 Km SwimSmoothie, Colesla, Bread, Carrotpotatoes8.5 Hours71.0 kg
1633-Hour Walk, Hot YogaSmoothie, nuts, chick peas8 Hours70.7 kg
161Monring Walk-8 Hours70.7 kg
160Walk, YogaSmootie, Chick Peas, Oreo8 Hours71.4 kg
159Walk, YogaSmoothie, Rice Crackers & Philladelphia8 Hours71.7 kg
158TennisApple, Veggieburgers8 Hours72.0 kg
157Morning WalkOatmeal, Beans8,5 Hours72.3 kg
156SwimmingCrackers, chocolate, chips8 Hours72.3 kg
155Walk, Yoga, RepsSoup, Crackers, Cauliflower8 Hours72.2 kg
154Walk, RepsSoup, Peanut Butter8 Hours72.5 kg
153Walk, Yoga, RepsProteine Shake, Soup, bread8 Hours72.9 kg
152Walk, Yoga, RepsSoup, proteine shake, whole Grain Bread8 Hours72.8 kg
151Walk, Tennis, Yoga, RepsSoup, proteine shake, whole Grain Bread8 Hours72.8 kg
150Walk, Yoga, RepsSoup, Pinnaple8 Hours73.0 kg
149--73.7 kg

Previous Months Progress

149February73.7 kg
133January73.0 kg
112December72.0 kg
081November72.0 kg
052October70.6 kg
021September72.0 kg
000Start73.0 kg

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