Jupiler League Week 7 Friday Preview | Westerlo vs Antwerp

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Back to football after the international break with 1 match on Friday. So far the season hasn't gone as hoped and I'm still fully in damage limitation mode trying to find a good form again so I'm not expecting too much action this weekend and I will be extra cautious on taking any bets at all.

Westerlo vs Antwerp

So Westerlo had a horror start of the season after making big investments and the team simply hasn't clicked just yet so far. At the same time they also already faced some difficult opponents with AA Gent & Club Brugge. While I do see then as a team with enough quality where it's only a matter of time before results start coming, I'm not sure if I'm willing to gamble on this before the bad momentum actually turns around. This break could have helped but at the same time nerves will be high also knowing they face Standard and Genk away in the next 2 fixtures. Antwerp as a team also have not really impressed but they were mature enough to Suffer only 1 loss which on top was undeserved against Anderlecht while they managed to qualify in Europe with a big match upcoming away against Barcelona next week. Usually this is not too big of a focus issue and teams usually have a focus on putting up a good performance to get toward that with a good feeling and momentum. I'm not willing to take the away team in this situation at 1.6-1.7 type odds and the only real option is go for the underdog home team. I leanred the hard way that it's better not to make any hero calls at the moment so I will be staying away from it.The under is an option mostly because Antwerp is a team that knows how to kill a match when in the lead but at the same time, Westerlo traditionally is an over home team. Last season they always managed to put up good home performances against top teams in matches that on average went high in score (2-1 / 3-3 / 2-3 / 3-3 / 0-0). So the best I can come up with for now is that the odds once again are most likely to be set razor sharp. This makes ma just wait and see how it plays out having No Pre-Game Bets
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16/09/2023Genk -0.542$4.00TBDRollbit
03/09/2023CHA vs STV O 12.5 CK0.0078 ETH4.80-0.0078ETHDexsport.io
03/09/2023CHA vs STV O 11 CK0.0122 ETH3.10-0.0122 ETHDexsport.io
27/08/2023AND 1H -0.5 CK100$1.690-100$Rollbit
19/08/2023Cercle Over CK0.05 ETH~-0.05 ETHDexsport.io
17/08/2023GNK 1H -0.5 CK80$1.620+49.6$Rollbit
11/08/2023ANT 1H Goals +050$2.328+66.4$Rollbit
06/08/2023AA Gent TT O1.50.0018 BTC1.980-0.0018 BTCSportbet.one
06/08/2023KVM vs GNT O2.500034 BTC1.870-0.0034 BTCSportbet.one
06/08/2023Antwerp +00.0045 BTC1.810-0.0045 BTCSportbet.one
06/08/2023Antwerp +00.03 ETH1.830-0.03 ETHDexsport.io
06/08/2023Antwerp +030000 XFUN1.830-30000 XFUNXfun.bet
5/08/2023Cercle 1H O 2.5 CK0.0109 ETH1.850-0.0109 ETHDexsport.io
5/08/2023Cercle 1H -0.5 CK80$1.670-80$Rollbit
05/08/2023Genk -1.50.0045 BTC1.920-0.0045 BTCSportbet.one
02/08/2023Genk 1H -0.5 CK50$1.660+33$Rollbit
30/07/2023Ant Equal Goals Halves3500 XFUN3.600-3500 XFUNXfun.bet
30/07/2023Ant More Goals 1H40$3.150+86$Rollbit

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