UnderSea Skirmish: Spineback Turtle Encounters Golden Treasure INCLUDING Giveaway, Strategy guide, and much more!


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Card Impressions

The Spineback Turtle (Lvl 1 stats: 1 speed, 6 hp, 2 armor, cost 4, 1 melee attack. Gains thorns at later lvls) is a classic aquatic defender from last season's spellbook. This card has both armor and hp higher than average for a cost of 4. The speed and melee damage on this salt water denizen are very low so it won't be dealing much damage or dodging many attacks. Overall a good shield for a cost of 4, but not a very offensive tank. In the fight below Spineback Turtle showcases it's defensive talents against an ALL gold foil lineup.

spineback turtle stats.png

Strategy and Placement

In the fight located here I use Spineback Turtle as a blocker for my backline expecting a heavy melee assault due to the ruleset granting all units with melee attacks the "sneak" ability. Additionally Spineback Turtle is able to attack the enemy backline of my golden opponents, but my other melee attackers deal substantially more damage. I expected a good deal of magic damage (which is popular in the current meta), so I used tanks with void in position 2 and 4 anticipating this. The enemy did in fact use melee so thorns were viable to deal damage to Spineback Turtle's attackers.

spineback fight 1.png

The Kraken attracted all enemy fire which allowed time for my heavy melee offensive to whittle away at the opponent. The first to fall was the enemy's position 6 in round 2, which reduced enemy damage. At this point, The Kraken was still alive and Spineback Turtle is untouched. The enemy Undead Rex is also removed from play. In round 2 The Kraken dies to excessive damage, but not before the enemy numbers are reduced by 2 soon after.

spineback fight 2.png

The enemy position 6 falls to sneak and Poseidon with blast further reduces the enemy backline by damaging sandworm in round 3. Phantom soldier feels Poseidon's brunt in round 4. Octopider is the last enemy remaining at round 5 and 4 of my units remain to overwhelm the helpless ranged unit. A decisive victory against a lustrous lineup. My enemy used a lineup that would have done well against many modern hands.

spineback fight 3.png

Talking Tidbits and Giveaway

Did you know Spineback turtles can breath air, but they prefer the conditions of the deep sea for comfort? According to the lore they reside around the darkwaters of AZMARE also. A hearty tank for the water splinter since the start of the game. To enter the giveaway just like AND comment on this post for a chance to be delegated your own Spineback Turtle for 15 days. Don't forget to follow for more #play2earn content, giveaways, and more.
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