My weekend football viewing pleasure; Trabzonspor - Galatasaray

There's nothing quite like watching your favourite team play at the weekend. And when the anticipated match is one of the few matches that ranks among the most important during the entire fixture season, the excitement and viewing pleasure is multiplied many times over.


With this kind of excitement and expectation of winning, I had a hard time to bring the time of the Trabzonspor - Galatasaray match to be played on the weekend night. No matter how hard I try, time flows rapidly and continues to consume our lives.

As a Galatasaray fan, I expect my team to win every match. It makes no difference to me whether it is home or away, because I am a fan, even if I am not a fanatic.

Trabzonspor is last year's champion and plays every match with the title of the last champion. Galatasaray, on the other hand, was one of the most successful teams in Turkey but one of the most unsuccessful teams in the last season. From this point of view, the match was interesting in the sense that it brought together two teams that were struggling for the top and bottom last season.

Host Trabzonspor was eliminated from the Champions League for the week. In the rematch of the match against Copenhagen, which they lost 2-1, they were held to a goalless draw.

Both teams want to complete a period of time in which the negativities are left behind. It is an important match in this respect and in terms of the championship in the following weeks of the season. The match started cautiously and ended with neither side gaining the upper hand in the first half. The most important attack of the first half came from Galatasaray. After a pass from the right by Yunus, Belgian Mertens faced the goalkeeper with a soft shot. It was a difficult position to miss and caused me to react instantly while watching the game.

Galatasaray started the second half on the front foot, but failed to score in successive attempts to find a goal. In a position similar to Mertens' in the first half, Kerem's shot was saved by goalkeeper Taha with his feet. Taha is Trabzonspor's second goalkeeper and despite being young he showed a good performance. He can be one of the promising star candidates.

The match ended goalless but the pleasure and excitement was quite high. I can only criticise Galatasaray for their ineffectiveness in front of goal, otherwise they played a better game than their opponent.

You know being a fan, every match without a win is a disappointment. Tonight's match was Galatasaray's fourth match in the league this season. It is an interesting statistic that only one goal was scored in the 3 matches until tonight. Galatasaray won two matches 1 - 0 and lost one match with the same score. With 2 goals scored and 1 conceded in 4 matches, it can be said that the team has a successful defence, but Galatasaray's problem is its ineffectiveness in front of goal. It needs a good striker.

Although the match I watched at the weekend didn't fully fulfil my expectations and wishes, I liked the excitement and the tempo it offered. The excitement during the watching was high. I liked Mertens for Galatasaray and goalkeeper Taha for Trabzonspor.

We are going through a period of high transfer costs, it is financially important for clubs to turn to the youngsters raised by their own youth academies and to present new stars to the football scene every year. UEFA's Financial Fair Play programme is on every club's neck and threatens them financially.

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