(+13,000 sports staked) My Stake journey towards achieving my 2021 Minimum stake Goal


It is usually said that "to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction". This brings about balance due to regulation. I embarked on a stake journey to 2million sports token about 3months ago. My goal was to attain a minimum total of 2million sports by the end of march, 2021. While on my stake journey, the were certain challenges that came onboard which brought about a positive insight and view to my staking. I noticed the frequent fluctuations in the price of sport and weigh the percentage daily growth rate and gain to that of hive and observed hive witnessed a geometric grow in dollar value within the past 2 weeks while that of sport became went up and down. Since i uses from my hive stakes and author reward to get more sports token so i had to halt for a moment and restructure my plans towards acheiving this minimum goal of 2million sport goal before me. So, due to this, i make it a gradual process as I'm also focussing on growing my hive account as well. At the moment, I've attained a minimum of 1.5million sports power tokens and still working hard to attain more. My minimum stake goal is 2million sport power tokens while my standard stake goal of sports token for 2021 is at 10 million sports power tokens and more.

So far the journey has not been easy knowing fully well that other notable tokens that runs on the hive-engine is never expected to be left aside as these are golden assets currently in their respective refinery stages.

Today I've added an additional stake of 13,000 sports token to my total stake on the hive-engine utilizing the interphase of my sportstalk social account due to the downtime of hivesigner. This staking is in leu of my commitment towards acheiving my 2021 minimum stake goal of 2million Sports tokens expected to be attained within the first 1/3 of the year (January to April). This post update is a means to keep me on track and strengthening the level of my commitment to my staking task towards achieving my minimum set goal for 2021. Below are the screenshot of my stake and Linkfor your confirmation.





I wish to achieve substantial sports power to help support as much as possible creative contents on the platform by uplifting posts thereby contributing to the growth of the Financial Ecosystem.

I believe in the growth of the sport token. With time, I hope to achieve this measure and more on leo, Actifit, ctp, neoxian, stem, palnet, creative coin and others key tokens on the hive blockchain.

I wish to use this medium to appreciate you readers for your support and motivation as well.


Thank You for Your Time and Happy Staking...


By @daniky

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