Midweek Run - 11km


dannewton just finished a 11.02km run, that lasted for 68 minutes.
This run helped dannewton burn 1144.7 calories.

Description from Strava: Just a quick post today...

Made the most of working from home today, as it meant I was able to head outside within a few minutes from logging off from the laptop.

The weather was cool and dry, and the run was comfortable. I chose to do an easy 10km, and headed down the A607 through Waddington and to Harmston. This time I did run a little loop around Harmston village, which was nice enough, and added almost 1 more kilometer to the run.

With the nights drawing in, I don't particularly want to stay out too late, and even tonight as I finished the session tonight, the sun had almost set. In a few weeks I'm going to be running in the dark, which will limit the routes I can use (as not all the roads here have street lights).

I can run loops around my village, but its kinda boring, especially if I try to do a longer run. Will need to plan ahead to see where else I can go that is both local and on a main road too.

and if that fails, then guess I need to try and dig out my headtorch!

The weeks training is going well, 2 comfortable 10k's completed, and then on Saturday I hope to do the 'standard' half-marathon route again... but backwards this time lol

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About the Athlete: Living in the UK, I am an intermittent Runner, but always striving for more consistency. When I'm not training I can be found photographing insects or listening to really loud angry music (which is the best type of music obviously!)


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