Starting again (yes I have said this many times before)


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Well here I go, trying to get back into it again (and again and again).


Well, I have noticed work clothes were becoming tighter than usual. And to be honest they were already pretty snug. I jumped onto the scales last night and was shocked at the number that appeared (although I shouldn't have been really, I was aware I was putting on weight... but even I was surprised at how much I had put on


Something needs to change

The reasons are quite simple, moving less and eating more.

In my previous job I was very active (shop work is physically more demanding then most people realize). I started my current job 5 months ago, and I spend 8 hours sat at a desk, which is a huge difference. There is not a great deal I can do about that, I'm still reasonably happy there (and I have no intention in going back to retail!)

The main thing is that I am simply eating more. Yes the food may be unhealthy at times, but it mostly seems like eating too much. I snack throughout the day almost out of boredom, and I eat a large bag of crisps most nights down to habit more than anything


The dates on that graph are not very clear lol, it shows me starting in November 2020, going down to my lowest weight of 77.5kg in February 2021, and then slowly undo ALL that hard work by August 2021, and then continuing to pile it on to the present day of 87.7kg

Its also very frustrating as I know how to stop this: I just need to calorie count. Its not difficult, all I need to do is record the amount I am eating, and straight away it forces me to acknowledge I have already eaten enough for a particular day, and I'm not allowed any more.

And it works. Every single time I focus on it, the weight literally falls of, I just can't seem to maintain it that discipline


This is the 'myfitnesspal' app. You can pay for it, to get access to more statistics, but there is a free version and its the one I use. All you need to do is scan the barcode of the packaging and enter the quantity eaten, and it keeps running total for the day, and a diary so I can check back and see what I ate last week etc.

In my previous job I guessed I needed about 2400 calories to maintain my weight, so I set a target of 2100 calories each day for a sensible deficit. As I know I burn less calories these days due to a less demanding job, I am going to set a target of 1800 calories and see how that goes.

If in two weeks there is no change, then I will decrease it some more. Obviously I don't want to decrease it to quickly I want to lose the weight slowly and consistently.

Target Weight: Not known at the moment. At my lowest point on the graph I was 77.5kg and I know I still had more to loose. But as my current weight is 87.7 I know I have at least 10kg of flab to get rid of.

I almost forgot, this was meant to be a running post, er, my run was quite uneventful. I was just aiming to get outside and moving for 30 mins and I achieved that today. The days are getting longer now so I'll be more inclined to go for a run in the evenings after finishing work

Enough waffling, I'll check back in the next time I go for a run...

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It's happened to me many times in my life as well. At least you recognize it before it gets out of control and take some initiative to change. I tell people that when their clothes start to get tighter to not make the mistake of going out and buying new, larger ones.... instead, recognize that you need to make changes to your life.

Good on ya for taking initiative.


It's just so frustrating to have 'done so well' in the past, and then I take a break for a week and completely lose all momentum. The same thing happens with exercising too. I ran a half marathon back in Feb 2021, and then took a couple of weeks off to recover, and promptly lost interest and stopped. Now I'm almost back at square one again...

I need to work on consistency... and like you say, the first step is to be aware of the problem in the first place.

Thanks for the support!