Improving Your Chess | Workshop #03


In this week's workshop, we're going to do:

  • Marshall Attack -- a fierce weapon for black forcing even top grandmasters to avoid it using anti-Marshall systems; classically played by Boris Spassky & John Nunn while modern adoption by Michael Adams and especially Levon Aronian still remains at elite level.
  • Beautiful Combinations of Middlegame
  • Pawn Endgames


(check lichess study links below diagrams for example games)

Marshall Attack
lichess study link
Viswanathan Anand vs John Nunn
lichess study link
Jack Battell vs Frank James Marshall
lichess study link
Gata Kamsky vs Vassily Ivanchuk
lichess study link
Vladimir Kramnik vs Peter Leko
lichess study link



Black to play

If you were playing this position, what would be your evaluation of this position. Should you defend your king or do something else?

lichess study link
White to play

If you were playing this position, what would be your evaluation. How would you deliver a tactical blow, keeping in mind that you have material deficit?

lichess study link



White to Play

If you were playing this position, what would be your evaluation. Can black win this position?

lichess study link
Black to play

If you were playing this position, what would be your evaluation. Is this position draw?

lichess study link
White to play

If you were playing this position, what would be your evaluation. Is this position winnable for black?

lichess study link


These ideas are must have patterns in your mind for understanding and ultimately playing better chess.

Solving the positions:

Try to solve these positions by

  1. Evaluating the position, finding who's better i.e white or black.
  2. Studying the positions one by one, without rushing.
  3. Calculating different variations no less than 5 minutes each position, for better understanding.

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    Positions courtesy of these sources (for my notes) but not limited to:
  • Lichess Database
  • Nunn Chess Openings
  • Keep it Simple Series
  • Encyclopedia of Chess Openings
  • Wesley So’s Chessable Course
  • Grivas Opening Laboratory
  • The Complete Manual of Positional Chess
  • Positional Decision Making
  • Train Your Pattern Recognition
  • Nunn Chess Endings
  • 100 Endgames You Must Know
  • Silman's Complete Endgame Course


  • Workshops will be published every Wednesday.
  • Positions have been taken from my notes collected over time from various books from my ever-growing chess library.
  • These positions were taken based on their educational value.
  • Lichess Study links have next moves hidden, when you make correct move, moves will start appearing as main variation.
  • Any suggestion and/or criticism highly accepted.

  • Images Courtesy: Thumbnail & logo designed with canva,chess diagrams are lichess screenshots.
Thanks for Your Attention!


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Thank you for this wonderful analysis in chess. I’ll try to use this opening